Technology and Telehealth at the Forefront of FNCE

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s pinnacle event, the Food and Nutrition Convention and Exhibition (FNCE), took place in Boston this past fall. This year, ignited substantial conversation and excitement surrounding the fast-growing technology movement, telehealth. More specifically in the world of dietetics, telenutrition.

Though telehealth is far from new to healthcare, recent strides in new technology have made integration into nutritional care not only easy but inevitable. “There is no doubt that telehealth is the future of this profession,” said one FNCE dietitian. The technology was, without question, the buzzword of the weekend.

At FNCE, the Healthie team had the opportunity to speak openly with hundreds of dietitians from across the country about this fast-growing movement, and also demonstrate how seamless it can be to integrate telehealth into an existing practice.  “The benefits of telenutrition are evident for the dietitian, the client, insurance companies, health systems, and every other stakeholder in the healthcare system. From flexibility and convenience to better compliance, we’re already seeing how telenutrition can fundamentally change the way nutritional care is delivered in America. Says Healthie CEO Erica Jain, “Telenutrition makes it easier than ever for dietitians to build longitudinal relationships with clients, that actually enable better care outcomes.”

Nutrition and dietetics are fundamentally changing because of technology and telehealth, and changes in regulation, increasing insurance reimbursement for nutritional care and telehealth (fueled by parity laws). It’s only a matter of time until telenutrition truly permeates households in America, and of course, across the network of nutrition professionals.

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