3 Ways to Drive Up Traffic on Your Practice Website

Did you know that today’s typical consumer will have to see something as many as 20 times before deciding to buy it?

With the arrival of the internet, we’ve gotten to be just a little more numb to conventional advertising efforts. Nowadays, it takes a lot more exposure and a lot more faith to make the purchase. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look into how you can drive up traffic to your website, to capture that exposure you need to get clients to book a consultation.

 1. Become a Resource.

There are so many ways to go about doing this, but essentially the biggest way to keep people coming to your website is to become a resource that people can use again and again. Provide information on your specialty and share it! That is an oversimplification of course, but the best way to bring potential clients to your website is to identify the problem they are struggling with and reveal that you know how to best help them with that. You don’t need to give too much away but writing a few articles on topics like, “Why diets don’t work when it comes to permanent weight loss” or “6 ways manage blood sugar through nutrition.” Provide a solution that shows that you can help them.

2. Become an SEO pro.

The easiest way to be discovered online is to appear high up in a Google search! While it may seem like a mysterious process of which websites appear and which do not in returned result, we can demystify that a little for you. One way to make your website appear higher in search results is to use targeted keywords. A vague or popular keyword may yield a ton of results and may not be as helpful to you or your target client. Consider using long tail keywords – a longer phrase that will help you to connect with your target client. The easiest way to implement keywords is to name pages or articles, urls, or descriptions with these keywords in them.

3. Be active on social media!

This may seem backwards, but showing up more often on social sites can drive traffic to your personal website. Build up a following, share your expertise, and link all social sites to your website! This method will allow you to be seen as an expert, for followers to look for any resources you might have to help them out, and provide that necessary exposure to aid them in making the decision to book a consultation.

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