How Hosting an Event Can Bring New Clients to Your Private Practice

Recently, one of our Healthie dietitians recommended “hosting an event” as a marketing strategy for private practice nutrition professionals and she was met with a number of questions and curious head-tilts. So today, we’re addressing how an event can function as a marketing strategy and how you can start planning your own to fit your personality and business strategy.

What kinds of events are we talking about?

There is no wrong answer to this question. By hosting an event, you are bringing people together and creating a space to connect and mingle. You’ll be able to promote your practice from any food you provide to the things you say in conversation. While there’s no wrong way to do it, we haveĀ a few suggestions to help you along with your planning.

The Classic Wine & Cheese Mixer

You can never go wrong with the wine and cheese! Though this may be overly simple, it is a great way to announce the opening of your business and begin making connections, handing out business cards, and getting your practice’s name out there. With this kind of mixer, especially if you’re new to private practice, you may want to invite family and friends (and friends of friends!). Hand out business cards with every introduction and even consider bring people off to the side and have a quick conversation about nutrition and to possibly see if they may be able to benefit from nutritional care.

Invite a Co-Host

Are you worried about getting people to show up for an event? This is a rational fear if this is your first time. You might not yet know the avenues to publicize it and if you haven’t properly planned ahead, it might not go the way you’ve hoped. One great solution to put you at ease would be to reach out to venues or groups that regularly host events or have meetings and ask to see if they might be interested in having you help out. Some example groups might include local schools or associations such as the PTA where you can get the chance to speak openly about nutrition in a place where you can begin to gain recognition within your community. If you are looking for a different crowd, reaching out to gyms and fitness programs in your area to talk may be a good start.

Host a Cooking Lesson

While this may not be a solution for everyone, we have seen a number of nutrition professionals offer cooking lessons as a promotional event. Providing advice behind your recipe and ingredient choices may alert a new potential client that there’s more to learn about nutrition than they previously knew. Keep your contact information on hand and make it easy for them to book a consultation. These events will at the very least, put your name out in the community.

Grocery Store Tour

One kind of event that so many of the dietitians we have talked to love has to be the Grocery Store tour. Grocery store tours are often services that nutrition professionals will provide to best help one individual client’s or a small group of clients’ needs. One option may be to expand this event to be something larger than only that. You may want to talk to a grocery store owner or manager to see if they would be interested in creating a partnership. Any interested participant, for a small fee, can come on a group tour where you show them the ropes of nutritious eating around the store. Your grocery store partner may be able to help advertise and promote this venture. Regardless, this is a great way to make connections and continue meeting new clients.


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