3 Tips to Get Started in Media Marketing for Your Private Practice

We often talk about how marketing on social media can benefit your private practice. While social media is a great tool for promoting your private practice, it isn’t the only tool you can use to connect with new clients. There’s also the mainstream media – news, television, books, and so on. Today we’re going to share a few strategies on how to market your practice in the media.

1. Establish a presence online.

The first thing to note, in this marketing strategy, you are less presenting your practice, but instead yourself – your name and credentials – as an expert in your field. With this marketing model, readers and viewers become interested in working with you because of your experience and knowledgeability in a certain field (nutrition or maybe your specialty within nutrition). Because of this, make sure when you search your name that you’re easy to find online!

Regardless of how far along you are in your marketing efforts, establishing an online presence is essential to your marketing efforts. Have a website for your practice, but even more, make sure it shows up when you google search your name! A common blunder that we see again and again in private practice websites is that your name as the provider does not appear online. Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision to leave out your name, it more likely will hinder your marketing strategy more than help.

Next, in establishing an online presence, there are a few things you can do to expand your reach. We bring up social media often, but social media is a great way to connect with more people online. Having social media pages that you update somewhat regularly will go a long way in building up your brand and name recognition. Then, lastly, perhaps the most helpful tool to have on-hand is a blog.

Blogging of all things, will most closely tie in with your broader marketing strategy. Writing articles regularly on your blog will help you not only build readership and brand recognition but to also convince print editors and reporters that you are the specialist they want to feature.

2. Reach out over email.

While a reporter might reach out asking to do a feature on you, this isn’t something that necessarily will happen on its own. You don’t have to wait around for an opportunity like that to fall at your feet, but instead, don’t be afraid to reach out and make the initial connection.

Search for editors of magazines, newspapers, or even reporters at local news stations and shoot them a quick email to introduce yourself, your specialty, and a couple quick pitch ideas that you would be able to write or speak on. Whether they use the pitch you send them or not, try to open up a line of communication. This way, if down the line they are interested in creating an article or feature that connects with your expertise, they will be more likely to reach out!

3. Start local.

Your first major piece of publicity might not be on national news or a major magazine and that’s ok. You might find most success early on with local news stations and papers, so it is always a great idea to start there by reaching about your ideas for news stories and features.

When you’re first starting out, looking to make these appearances to promote your practice, it may at first mean writing for free or with little compensation. It is a great way to improve recognition to lead to more promotion in the future build your relationship with the station or magazine to lead to more opportunities in the future. Either way, this kind of exposure places you as an expert in your field in front of an audience, with the right online presence behind you, it will connect you with more clients and  help you to grow your business.

Looking for more tips on marketing your private practice? Reach out and let us know at hello@gethealthie.com!

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