Marketing for your Nutrition Niche

One piece of advice we hear again and again is to establish your niche.

In the world of nutrition counseling practices, there are SO many different kinds of clients, ranging from pediatric nutrition to bariatric to wellness and eating disorders. When you open your own nutrition practice, it is important to specify early on what kinds of clients you are looking to work with. A number of specializations have board certifications available which can help to provide further credibility and confidence behind your practice.

But what if you aren’t sure what kinds of clients you want to work with?

Even if you establish your niche and are actively working with clients in one specific area of counseling, you can still see clients outside of that specialty. Oftentimes nutrition professionals who focus on one specialty will still offer programs or provide open sessions for clients outside of that specialty so that they can still continue to work with other clients.

Establishing your niche does not necessarily mean chaining yourself to 1 particular area of nutrition counseling, but it can bolster your marketing strategy.

Identifying your ideal clientele can actually help you connect with more new clients. Once you have decided your niche, you can directly market your practice towards attracting these clients. It may seem counter-intuitive to narrow your focus to connect with more clients, but if you know that ideally you would like to work with (for instance) concerned parents looking to make sure that their children are receiving the nutritional care they need, though you making your target pool smaller, you are identifying a need for nutritional care and will hook a larger range of clients who can identify with that concern for counseling.

You can further reach this demographic of target clients by advertising and promoting in ways that will actively reach them. Connect with physicians in your area who directly work with this kind of client. Local businesses that connect with the same clients may be good potential referral partners. Knowing who you’re looking for will go a long way towards meeting them!

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