New Years’ Marketing Resolutions For Your Practice

We’re only a few days into January and all know people in our lives who have created resolutions – or maybe even already broken resolutions. Big resolutions can be hard to maintain, that is why today we’re going to share a few small marketing goals for New Year’s Resolutions with a few strategies to keep on track!

1. Become a Blogger.

One popular marketing strategy for nutrition professionals has been blogging. With blogging, you’re creating new content to drive traffic to your website. Blogging, however, can be a timely activity and though it’s a popular resolution, it’s very easy to let your blogging schedule fall by the wayside.

How to Keep on Track:

Plan ahead. One of the biggest obstacles for nutrition professionals blogging is figuring out what to write about. If you go to your blog with a plan, you’re much more likely just to be able to bust out a fast new post. Planning also means allotting time to craft a post. Early on, it may be an hour a week, but as you write posts more regularly, writing new posts will become easier and faster. Check out our blog post prompts to get started!

2. Join the Community.

One excellent avenue for marketing success is reaching out in your local community. Figure out how to get involved in local events within your region, whether it be through running a stand at farmer’s markets in a few months or seeing how you can get involved with other organizations nearby. Your resolution might be to attend or host three events this year.

How to Keep on Track: 

Figure out what events are on the calendar for your town or a nearby city. Set dates and start making plans as early as possible by reaching out to the people involved. If you’re looking to host an event or two, decide what season it will be in and who you’d love to see attend. For instance, if you want to plan a Back to School Nutrition Seminar, it might seem a little early, but it could be a great thing to try to get organizations such as schools or Parent-Teacher Associations involved in to get your name out around the larger community.

3. Start a Weekly Newsletter.

One underestimated marketing tool for your private practice is your practice newsletter. Your newsletter might be a fun weekly, monthly (or seasonal) update about your practice, but it also can be a draw for new clients as well as a way to reach old clients to keep them engaged. A great resolution is to start this newsletter and keep it going until 2018!

How to Keep on Track: 

Like blogging, the biggest challenge for a lot of nutrition professionals is not knowing what to write! It’s ok. The best place to start is by showing off what’s new. What new services are you thinking about providing? What upcoming events are you planning? Beyond that, did you craft any new recipes? Publish any articles? Share recent items that you’re proud of. It’s a great way for clients to get to know you and possibly get involved.

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