5 Questions Your Clients Should be Asking Their Insurance Companies


Did you know that your clients may be eligible for insurance reimbursements for your services even if you don’t take insurance? You do not have to be an in-network provider with their insurance company or any insurance company to allow your clients to be eligible for these benefits.

There are only two things you need to do:

1. Have your client inquire about his or her insurance plan to understand the extent of coverage.

2. Learn to make a Super Bill. 

A Super bill is essentially a receipt of the services you have provided your client. Clients can submit these to their insurance companies to (potentially) get reimbursed for your services. We sometimes call Super bills the “Junior Varsity” version of offering insurance benefits to your clients. Even if you aren’t credentialed by insurance, or if you’re considered out-of-network by some carriers, you can still provide a Super bill to your clients for a chance their services will be covered. It’s a great way to potentially reduce the cost of care for your clients! Learn how to make your own Super bill now! 

Here are a few questions to help your clients learn the extent of their coverage:

1. Do I qualify for coverage for nutritional coaching?

2. What screenings and tests might be required to qualify me for nutritional care? (With many companies, nutritional care is provided as a treatment for obesity – confirmed with a screening – and/or diabetes care/prevention.)

3. To what extent will my sessions with a nutrition coach be covered? (Every plan will offer a different amount of coverage or will have a varying method of determining how much care will be covered, be sure to ask about the specific wording of the coverage to fully understand the extent of it.)

4. Does coverage vary by the credentials of my nutrition coach? (Coverage may vary depending on the credentials. Registered dietitians tend to receive the most coverage in comparison to health coaches and nutritionists.)

5. My nutrition coach has given me a super bill, where can I submit that to receive reimbursement? (Claims offices policies will vary by company.)


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  1. Great article! This one and the SuperBill article. Thank you!

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