Client Packages: Examples for Your Private Practice

One thing that we get questions about time and time again is how to go about creating packages. Client packages create easy services for clients to buy, whether they are buying one session or several months. Packages can also be a fun way to create programs to up the longevity of your client/provider relationship.

Today we are sharing a few examples of client packages that you may want to use for your own practice! Check them out. We’ve included an Initial Consultation, a Follow Up Session, a Healthie Concierge plan (that is very popular among the dietitians in our Healthie community), a Wellness Membership plan (that will allow clients to pay monthly), and an example of what a larger package might look like with our “Full Three Month Package” (this package includes similar options to the Membership, but also offers Add-ons, like a grocery store tour and a nutrition refresher course.) ¬†The prices we list are completely arbitrary. They are not suggestions or recommendations.






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