RD Marketing: The MailChimp Automated Email Guide

mailchimp-icon1-copyWhether you’re new to marketing or these tactics are all old-hat for you, today we are walking through the step by step process of creating a drip campaign through the email marketing platform, MailChimp. First, let’s circle back – what is a drip campaign?

A drip marketing campaign is the name for a series of automated emails sent out around a kind of marketing effort, whether it be to advertise an upcoming promotion, or a free product that will soon be available or a new service. It could even just be a call to action, “sign up for a consultation today!” The idea is that through repetitive emails, eventually your target will open the email, read, it and consider becoming a customer. Even if they are not reading the email and deleting it right away, seeing your name in their inbox everyday can be very beneficial. While there is a variety of content that could go into these emails, for the purpose of gaining and keeping new clients, we’ll focus on a much narrower scope of content to keep it relevant to nutrition professionals in private practice.

Now, let’s get started!

Remember, this tutorial is going to show you how to create a drip campaign through MailChimp so if you do not have an account, that will be a place to start. If you are just getting started, MailChimp offers a Forever Free pricing plan that allows for you to have up to 2,000 subscribers. This may be plenty when you’re first starting out but you may need to grow into a larger plan over time. Start by logging into your MailChimp account. We will be working with “Automations” because drip campaigns rely on auto-released emails.


On this tab, we can browse through the wide variety of options for integration that MailChimp offers. For our purposes, we recommend checking out:

  • Under the “Software” section “User Onboarding“. While it’s made software, this package may be especially helpful for highlighting different services and packages. The automated flow for this automatically sets up 5 straight days of emails, one welcome and then 4 additional emails each to highlight a different service or program.
  • In the “Date Based” section for the “List Added Date” option. This option automatically provides only three emails, but it’s suggested content is a bit more general. It provides the opportunity to share your practice’s mission as well as other content that reads more along the lines of a newsletter.

Pro Tip: There also happens to be a “Birthday” option under the “Date Based” automations section. Get set up with Healthie and take advantage of our promo code billing feature! You can set up a “BDAYSALE” code that will both establish that personal connection along with a discount code that clients love!

Both options we recommend are great for beginners and won’t require any additional web integration or set up to work. They are also especially useful to dietitians because they provide multiple ways to market your practice’s brand.


Once you have decided what kind of drip campaign you would like to run, now you’ll have to create it! On the page you’re redirected to, you should see boxes like the one above! The important buttons to note are:

  • Edit Trigger – this is what releases the automated email. On this setting, joining your subscriber list launches this email. You may edit the triggers and choose from MailChimp’s options.
  • Edit Schedule – here you can edit week days emails go out as well as what time they go out. Early morning tends to be a popular time. You may choose not to send out emails on weekends – or just the opposite, only weekends. It’s up to you.
  • Design Email – this option allows you to create the email so it will be ready to be sent out! Here you can design it to be exactly how you’d like using your own templates or one created by MailChimp.
Designing Your Email

Start with a good subject line. Email subject lines ideally are concise and grabbing. For instance, the subject “Eat Yourself Thin” will most likely have more success than “Have You Considered Health Coaching as a Weight-Loss Solution?” The reason why is simple – the first one is shorter. Luckily MailChimp will help keep you brief capping out your subject line at a total of 150 characters.

Now onto the design! MailChimp offers a variety of different templates. You’ll have lots to chose from. They best tip we can offer: Keep it short and sweet!


While a lengthy and full explanation of who you are and what your mission is, it will be way more effective to let your email target find out about you more slowly. Most likely they will not read a lengthy email. Many will not read your email at all. The open rate will feel painfully low (but don’t worry, that does not mean by any stretch that it doesn’t work!) You want a short concise message, that if your email is even opened they might walk away with some idea of what your practice is all about.

Pro Tip: One of the easiest ways to make your email header pop is to create one on Canva.com! Check out their Email Header template, choose from free images and piece together a header that will really pop! It’s an easy and effective way to show off your brand.

When it comes to writing content in these emails, if you feel like a broken record, it’s ok! Sharing very similar content in email after email is still very effective. (In fact, sending out the same email week after week, mixed in with a few others can be helpful!) Focusing on different features but having a lot of the same quick overview details will keep your strategy from feeling too annoying but will allow for someone who hasn’t opened any past emails not to be left out or missing something when they open the next.

Once you’re finished designing your email, it’ll be ready to use! Once you have finished all emails in your automation, follow MailChimp’s navigation to launch it into action!

Need more help with your marketing strategy? We’re happy to help! Reach out to us at hello@gethealthie.com or write in our comments below!

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