The Stress-Free Guide to ICD-10 and CPT Codes!

We’ve gone over how Superbills are essentially a receipt of the services you have provided your client. Your clients can submit Superbills to their insurance providers to (potentially) get reimbursed for your services. Today we’re going to go a little deeper and talk about what ICD and CPT codes are, and how to use them in your Superbill!


What are ICD codes?

ICD codes (or sometimes ICD-10) is shorthand for International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems 10th Revision. ICD-10 is a clinical cataloguing system that assists in making a diagnosis. ICD-10 is the latest version of this code. (ICD-9 will likely be rejected because it is outdated). ICD-10 has been digitalized so that it now more accurately reflects our understanding of health problems today and includes a greater variety of classifications.  ICD codes, simply put, represent the symptoms that your client is seeking to treat.


What are CPT codes?

CPT codes are the shortened form of Current Procedural Technology. CPT codes show what treatment you provided for your client. They include every type of service or procedure (tests, evaluations, etc.). The CPT codes that you include on your Superbill are the services your client could be reimbursed for.


ICD codes and CPT codes go hand in hand. ICD codes will show the symptoms your client is seeking treatment for and the CPT codes will show how you treated the patient in response to the symptoms. As far as how many CPT codes to include on a Superbill, there isn’t an easy answer. While in theory one ICD code should correspond to one CPT code, many of the issues dietetic clients struggle with cannot be solved with only one type of service. Remember, every client’s experience will be unique. Use your discretion to decide which CPT codes to list.

Healthie makes creating Superbills easy. It takes 90 seconds on our platform to prepare and deliver a Superbill to your client. With our templates, all you need to complete are the client-specific CPT & ICD-10 codes, and enter your units + fees, and our system auto-generates the rest. Plus, it’s HIPAA-compliant.


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