Administrative assistants: To hire, or not to hire?

When is the right time to hire an assistant? Should you even do it at all? We’ve been asked this question quite a few times, so we’ve provided our advice for considering, hiring, and working with an administrative assistant!

First of all, not all private practices need assistants; if you work with a small base of clients or can manage the needs of your patients by yourself, you may be able to have a one-person team and work alone. That being said, between the immense amount of paperwork, dietary needs, and health specificities of each one of your clients and your personal life, many RDs will at some point find the need to work with an assistant. Here are a few things to consider before posting a job listing:

  • Budget. Especially for new private practices, it may be difficult to find the money to pay a full-time employee. If you still require an assistant, consider taking in dietetic interns or recent grads: they’re passionate and ready to get involved in the field!
  • Client demand. If your clientele has been steadily increasing or have specific health restrictions, handling all their needs can be challenging for just one person to do. Having an assistant can greatly help to make sure every patient has the level of care they need.
  • Personal life. Balancing work and personal life isn’t always easy. If you are experiencing personal issues or going through a stressful time, you may need someone to help you at work to maintain professionalism.

These are just a few of the factors to consider – think through whether you can consider part-time or virtual assistants, and whether changing your organization system may also save you time.

Let us know what your experience has been with assistants in the past in the comments! If you would like to discuss this topic further – please don’t hesitate to reach out – – we’re happy to help you think through this important topic.

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