Should I post prices on my website?

We get this question all the time – probably because we make it super easy for RDs to post prices of their client packages on their website. Most dietitians will agree that it’s helpful to provide an overview of your approach, even a description of packages that can be bought, but we get that posting pricing itself can be tricky. Unfortunately, there isn’t an obvious answer here, so we’ve pulled together the pros and cons – we hope it’s helpful as you think about this important decision. 

The pros of publicly posting your prices on a website

  • You are being upfront with your clients, which they will appreciate. Clients will prefer knowing the costs, before even setting up an appointment or phone call with you. In any case, it’ll be one of the first questions they ask you when on the phone.
  • When clients do inquire about your services, you know that they are already familiar with your costs and packages. This means that pricing is less likely to be a barrier in terms of getting started, which will result in a higher “conversion rate” and fewer initial consultations that don’t end up in a service. 
  • Believe it or not, it’s a way to generate excitement about your services. For example, if you offer a three month, longitudinal package, clients may say, “Great, for $xx over three months, I’ll be able to reach my weight goal working with this dietitian” 

The cons of posting prices publicly 

  • Especially if you’re just getting started, you may want to gauge what clients in your area can pay for your services.
  • Posting prices publicly could “lock you in,” as it can become harder to change them and maintain your brand once they’re posted – you can’t be constantly changing them around!
  • Pricing is a reflection of your brand! Think about the clientele you’ll be working with, and match price points with their ability to pay. Anything too high may turn them away, anything to low may dissuade others from working with you.   

So, there really isn’t a black and white answer here – a lot will depend on your clientele, how you plan on acquiring new patients, whether you will take primarily insurance, and your level of experience. One workaround we’ve seen is to offer a larger variety of packages at many price points, so patients can choose the package that works within their price point. Another thing we really like: maintain the option of offering promo codes and specials, perhaps for family and friends! 

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