Should I Post Prices On My Website?

One question we frequently receive is “Should I post prices on my website?” 

Unfortunately, there is no obvious answer.

Most nutrition and wellness practitioners agree that it’s helpful to provide an overview of your approach to care and even a description of the packages and services you offer. However, the consensus is still out on posting prices themselves.

To help you make an educated decision, based on what’s best for your business, we started your pro/con list…

The Pros Of Publicly Posting Your Prices On Your Website:

  1. You Increase Transparency. Many clients will appreciate your upfront approach and prefer knowing the costs before setting up an appointment or even exploratory phone call with you. If you do not post your prices, it will likely be one of the first questions prospective clients ask you on the phone.
  2. You Boost Your Conversion Rate On Initial Calls. If your prices are publicly posted, clients inquire with a lower barrier to entry. They are already familiar with your costs and services offered. This means that pricing is less likely to be a hurdle before getting started, which is great news because your time spent in an initial consultation will be well spent. Overall, this will result in more initial calls converting to paying clients, or a higher “conversion rate.”
  3. You Create Excitement. Believe it or not, posting your prices is a way to generate excitement about your services. For example, if you offer a 3 month package, clients may say, “Great, for $xx over three months, I’ll be able to reach my weight goal working with this nutritionist.” In other words, they are able to better picture the outcome, and know what they are paying for it.

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The Cons Of Posting Your Prices Publicly:

  1. Your Prices Will Be More Difficult to Change. Posting prices publicly could “lock you in” to your rates for a longer period of time because frequently changing your prices is not the best business practice. Especially if you’re just getting started, you may not know what you want to charge, or what clients in your area can pay for your services. 
  2. You May Lose Prospective Clients. Pricing is a reflection of your brand. Think about the clientele you’ll be working with, and match price points with their ability to pay. Anything too high may turn them away, but pricing your services too low may dissuade others from working with you.


As you can see, your decision is not black and white. Posting your prices publicly will depend a lot on your clientele, how you plan on acquiring new clients, whether you accept insurance, and your level of experience.

Still unsure? Here are two additional effective strategies:

  1. Offer a large variety of packages at many price points, so clients can choose the package that works best within their price point.
  2. Offer promo codes and specials


If you’re looking for more guidance, we’re happy to help you out!


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