Introducing: A Primer on Nutrition Technology

We are incredibly excited to introduce “A Primer on Nutrition Technology.” This presentation is a practical overview of the types of technology available to nutrition professionals.

Additionally, it’s a how-to guide for nutrition professionals, in any specialty, on how to incorporate tools in their practices.

Healthie has proudly partnered with Catherine Frederico, RD LDN, in producing this segment. Catherine has held multiple leadership within the Academy over her career, including participation in the Consumer Health Informatics Group, where she conducted research to understand the types of technology available to dietitians.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this video! No matter where and what setting you practice, we hope this broad and practical guide on how you can think about incorporating technology into your care is useful!

P.S. There’s much more to come! Stay tuned 🙂

Please reach out to or or with your reactions, thoughts, questions, and comments. We are truly excited about hearing from you!


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