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Today we are incredibly excited about introducing you to Kim Fox, RDN, LD, CDE, and Founder of Fox Nutrition and Diabetes Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kim has been in private practice for many years, and today she takes us through her journey of becoming a dietitian, advice for dietitians just starting out, and why she thinks everyone should join the Academy! Kim Fox

Why and how did you become a dietitian? 

My dad is a dentist and thus went to many conferences for CEU’s. One of his courses was on nutrition, after which attending, my parents changed our diet. Granted, I was raised on whole grains, lots of produce, no desserts, and pop/sweets were only on special occasions. Thus the main change made was the incorporation of more saturated fat into our diet, with cream and buttermilk. As much as I didn’t like the taste of these changes, I was fascinated with the fact that nutrition could really impact your health; thus I knew I wanted to be a dietitian since the 7th grade, when these dietary changes took place. I obtained my BS in Home Economics at South Dakota State University at Brookings, SD, as a CUPD (Coordinated Undergraduate Program in Dietetics) Student.

How would you describe your approach to care?

Client-centered and individualized, with a focus on integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy to get to the root cause of the person’s health issues with a “whole-foods first” approach.

Why should someone struggling with weight loss see a dietitian?

  • Dietitians have knowledge in the complexities of weight management: emotional, behavioral, nutritional, psychological, medical
  • Dietitians use evidence-based science to support the information and recommendations provided to the client
  • Dietitians are trained to look for other health issues that may be related to or may be contributing to weight, so these issues can be addressed as well
  • Dietitians take a multi-faceted approach with food, activity and behavior
  • Dietitians focus on overall health-improvement and won’t compromise someone’s health in order to assist the client in reaching a specific number on the scale
  • Dietitians have a heavy background in science, allowing us to understand nutrient utilization by the body
  • Dietitians are generally in this field to help people–not as a hobby or additional revenue to supplement their business or practice
  • Services may be covered by insurance

P.S. We couldn’t agree more!!!

What are some strategies you’ve used to market yourself and promote your business over the years?

  • Joining state dietetic and consultant dietitian organizations
  • Being a board member for years for my state and consulting dietitian organizations
  • Joining BNI (Business Network International)
  • Setting up a Facebook business page, providing content that interests the reader, several times a week
  • Providing excellent service. Much of my business is word of mouth.

What advice do you have for dietitians just getting started with private practice?

  • Get involved with your state and other dietetic organizations!!!
  • If you are a member of the Academy, become a part of the DPE :Nutrition Entrepreneurs
  • As finances allow, hire a coach for support and accountability
  • Specialize, then find other RD’s in your area that offer a different specialty that you can refer clients to and vice versa
  • See what others outside of the profession are doing to increase their business. Some of my favorites are Adam Urbanski, Christian Mickelsen, Melanie Duncan, and Karen Pattock.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Trials are often times of self-reflection, re-evaluation and change that lead to the growth or outcome previously desired that wouldn’t have occurred had the trial not occurred. (Ask me how I know! 🙂 )

Kim, we thank you for your candid and thoughtful reflection – there is truly so much we can learn from you. If anyone would like to contact Kim or learn more about her practice, visit 

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